The Stone of Shelter

For twenty years, each summer holiday, a place called Kláštorisko in the Slovenský raj mountains turns into a work camp … Continue reading

Afghan Women Behind the Wheel

The desire for freedom is basic to human nature all over the world. To obtain a driving license is becoming … Continue reading


Painter of a Vanished Time – a documentary about the era, life and works of Ladislav Mednyanszky, a great and … Continue reading

Chatam Sofer Memorial

A documentary film about the process of reconstruction of the holy memorial with tight relations to Chalacha – the sacred … Continue reading

Goya: Awakened in a Dream

At 73, Spanish painter Goya abandons the royal court. Painting alone at his country villa, he finds that his housekeeper’s … Continue reading

Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons

At the height of Rembrandt’s success as a portrait artist in 1630s Amsterdam, he takes on young Jewish studio apprentice, … Continue reading

Mary Cassatt: American Impressionist

Cassatt’s Parisian life in solitude is disrupted by  the unexpected arriavl of her brother’s three children. At first dreading presence … Continue reading

Monet: Shadow and Light

Monet’s glorious summer of painting ends abruptly with harsh attacks from his father and art critics. He intends to abandon … Continue reading

Degas and the Dancer

A struggling Degas finds inspiration for his art in Marie, a young ballerina. Degas helps Marie tap into the talent … Continue reading

Winslow Homer: An American Original

American artist Winslow Homer leaves his post as Civil War illustrator and seeks solitude at a friend’s farm. There he … Continue reading

One Winter Behind God’s Back

Life in a mountain village is changed forever when the courier who brings the weekly movie to the local cinema, … Continue reading

Witmans’ Boys

Turn-of-the-century Hungary. Two young brothers, neglected by their cold and uncaring mother, descend deeper and deeper into psychosis, with tragic … Continue reading

Rossini’s Ghost

A nine-year old girl Reliana is transported through time and meets Giaocchino Rossini who works on his famous opera “The … Continue reading

Liszt’s Rhapsody

The year is 1846. In the town square of Pest, a gypsy carnival is in full swing as Franz Liszt … Continue reading

Handel’s Last Chance

Dublin, 1741. James, a Dublin street kid is signed up to a school for rich children. Being very poor and … Continue reading

Stanko Mužík

This documentary film is a precious evidence about deep human attitude. Using challenging 12-years long shooting process, director collected interesting … Continue reading